Soul’s Light Retreat

January 7-9, 2022 | Fredricksburg, TX


All Energy Healers or Those That Want to Be!

Are you wanting to take your energy healing to a whole new level?  

Do you know or suspect that you are a healer and want to learn energy healing?

Are you curious about other dimensions and how to tap into those dimensions for energy healing?

Are you curious about your Soul’s light and how it can be tapped into to raise your consciousness?

Are you ready to treat yourself to a weekend of healing with an intimate group in the Texas Hill Country to start the new year?

About Me

Carol Elaine

I am an energy healer and a psychic medium.  I have spent that last decade developing my healing gifts becoming a Reiki Master, attuning to the Shamanic healing Munay Ki, learning other methods of energy healing and mentoring with international psychic mediums.

Although I help my clients heal with my intuitive and spiritual guidance, I have always been drawn to working with my clients on a deep Soul light level. 

Over time I realized that I was able to read and channel energy from interdimensional realms. 

I used this information that was downloaded to me from other dimensions to create Soul Light Interdimensional Healing (c).   Soul Light Interdimensional Healing (c) allows you to tap into your client’s Soul light energy and their Soul group’s origin, to heal faster and on a much deeper level.

At this retreat we will take a deep dive into:

The four energy bodies and aura.

Heightening your ability to feel and sense energy.

Opening into the healing energy of other dimensions.

Come join me at my retreat where you will learn how to tap into multidimensional light energy to help you, your clients and your family and friends to heal on a much deeper level.  Not only will you learn my healing modality but you will also open up and advance your light body and intuitive healing gifts.  This retreat will be limited to 8 participants so that you will get plenty of time to learn and practice using Soul Light Interdimensional Healing (c). Come treat yourself to healing, learning and communion with like minded souls in the beautiful Texas Hill County.

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The retreat will be held in Fredericksburg, Texas, January 7-9, 2022.
We will begin on, Friday, January 7, 2022 at noon and end on Sunday, January 9, 2022, at noon.  Snacks and beverages will be provided throughout the weekend. There will be an opportunity to have dinner together Friday night and Saturday night.  A “fireside chat” and S’mores will be on Saturday night.
The cost of the retreat is $597.
The retreat location is approximately 20 minutes outside of Fredericksburg and about 10 miles from Luckenbach.

Soul's Light Retreat597.00 USD
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